QNA question editor

Use \( and \) for inline equations, and \[ and \] for display equations.

The feedback for a choice is displayed when the student selects that choice. If the feedback is blank, the student sees only whether the choice is correct or incorrect.

Enter the due date in UTC (so, for example, 03:59 UTC is the same thing as 23:59 EST on the previous day, or 20:59 PST). A blank due date means that the question will remain active forever.

Practice mode means that students’ answers aren’t stored on the server (only checked for correctness). Practice mode overrides any due date.

After saving the question, click on “Show question” to see how it will look to students. Save the question URL to hand out to students. This URL will also let you edit the question again later.

If this message doesn’t go away after a few seconds, you may be using an incompatible browser or have Javascript disabled.

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